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 Commercial and Corporate Law 

LCS - Law Consulting & Solutions is a Firm of corporate legal consultants, specialized in the draft of commercial agreement, assistance in civil and corporate litigations, extraordinary corporate transactions and ordinary management of legal affairs.

The focused skills of Firm's professionals in the field of civil law are also dedicated to the protection of managers and directors as individuals, with reference to the interests pertaining to their respective private sphere.

The Firm is further supported by a network of professionals with recognized experience in labor law, intellectual property law, administrative law and corporate compliance.


Commercial and Corporate Law

Ordinary management

  • Establishment and start-up of new business, definition of corporate governance and draft of relevant documentation;

  • Relations with customers and suppliers, claims management and resolution of disputes among shareholders.

Extraordinary corporate transactions

  • Mergers and acquisitions;

  • Spin-off and corporate conversions;

  • Purchase, sale and contribution of company shareholdings;

  • Assignment and rental of companies and branches of business;

  • Capital increase and reduction;

  • Withdrawal from company.

Commercial Agreements

  • Drafting, negotiation and review of agreements;

  • Termination of agreements.

Legal Advice in International Relations

  • Draft of international commercial agreements in English language;

  • Analysis and interpretation of foreign law;

  • Assistance in negotiations with foreign business partners;

  • Consultancy in relation to freight and custom matters, licenses and authorizations;

  • Assistance in the establishment of foreign companies, joint ventures, branches, representative offices;

  • Legal assistance and support in international litigations.

Diritto Commerciale
Contrattualistica Commerciale
Consulenza Legale nei Rapporti Internazionali
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Civil and Commercial Litigation

  • Civil and commercial mediation;

  • Legal assistance in civil and commercial legal proceedings before Italian and foreign Courts and Arbitrations.

Management of Business Crisis

  • Negotiation of agreements with creditors (banks, suppliers, employees, etc.) and financing plans, management of disputes;

  • Composition with creditors and bankruptcy procedures in general;

  • Bankruptcy law.


  • Preliminary audit;

  • Draft of required documentation;

  • Identification and implementation of company guidelines and procedures;

  • GDPR and Privacy;

  • Organization, management and control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

Credit Recovery

  • Out-of-court credit recovery activities;

  • Injunctive decrees;

  • Enforcement proceedings.

Civil Law

  • Family law;

  • Succession law;

  • Protection of incapables;

  • Tort liability.

Labor Law

  • Contractual advice in hiring and management of employment relationship;

  • Assistance in personnel management in corporate crisis situations;

  • Management of disciplinary procedures;

  • Assistance before the inspection bodies;

  • Assistance in judicial litigation;

  • Corporate welfare.

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